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Kodokan Judo

Judo is a Japanese martial art, a style of Jujutsu,

originally the empty handed fighting arts of the

Japanese Samurai warrior. There are hundreds

of styles of Japanese Jujutsu: There are also

some non-Japanese Jujutsu styles such as

Gracie Jujutsu and Brazilian Jujutsu – both of

which were originally derived from Judo.

Additionally Sambo, a Russian style of Jujutsu,

was heavily influenced by Judo.

The Judo of Dr. Jigoro Kano is properly called

Kodokan Judo, a fusion of some of the best

styles of Jujutsu in Japan in the late 1800s. Dr.

Kano established Kodokan Judo in Tokyo in

1882. Kodokan Judo is now recognized world

wide as the world headquarters for judo; the

actual building in Tokyo, Japan is called “the


Judo is often translated as “Gentle Way”, but

this is an overly simplistic translation and

doesn’t bring forth the richness of the

Japanese Characters. “Ju” refers to flexibility,

agility or gentleness. A gentleness like water,

kind to all living things but can wear away the

strongest rock.* “Ju” also implies a “mind -

body” connection. “Do” is a road or a path, a

way. “Do” sometimes means principle. The

ultimate goal of judo, in the words of Dr. Jigoro

Kano, the founder of judo, is “The harmonious

development and eventual perfection of

human character.”

At Southam Dojo LLC Judo is studied with an emphasis on self-defense, (Goshin Jutsu.) You will learn to have flexibility in your response to an attack, from mild to severe, based on your abilities and the variables of the situation.

What You Will Learn

Falling safely (Ukemi) Fundamental aspects of a throw, (Kuzushi, Tsukuri, Kake) The entire Kodokan curriculum contains 67 throws (Nage-Waza) Holding techniques (Osaekomi-Waza) Joint-locking techniques (Kansetsu- Waza) Choking techniques (Shime-Waza) Striking techniques (Atemi-Waza) Forms (Kata) Free practice (Randori)